This is Saturday, the 20th of May (1989). Doing this in response to a request from Steve [Steven John Yeasting, Emerson’s son] when he called yesterday. Asked me if I would either write – well he suggested writing, I suggested taping – some experiences from my boyhood, typical day in my life, etc., back then. Well, I hardly know where to start, but I think it might be interesting to try this. So we'll start out a little bit.

The house I was born in was built by a Dr. Thompson. One of the first houses in Rollersville, and he built it in 1836. And I was born in that house in 1919, of course, and then I helped Dad [Galen Aesby Yeasting] tear that house down and build a new one in 1936. The house was exactly 100 years old when we tore it down, and surprisingly the siding, which was original and hadn't been painted in years, was in excellent shape. It was made out of yellow poplar, which was a tree that was indigenous to the area at the time.

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